Saturday, November 4, 2017

Rose Trio Study

6x6" Oil on linen canvas
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This is a small vintage-looking rose painting. It is signed--and for those who've been reading my blog--Yes! I've finally managed to make my signature look like my own! This was no small feat. It required a lot of practice and the right brush loaded with lots of medium and paint. The subject of this painting was inspired by some beautiful silk flowers, along with flowers from my garden which had sadly passed away last year. I still have roses in my garden but they are wild climbers that have already eaten two trellises.

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  1. My favorite color pink...Dusty Rose Pink. These fluffy, lovely pink roses appear large in your study even though they are on a 6x6" linen canvas. Framing this sweet little painting and finding the perfect spot to hang it would be a pleasurable afternoon! LL