Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Binkie Claims a Rose

8x10" Oil on wood panel

Subject Matter: I love painting Binkie. She dives into everything with such enthusiasm! I added the rose because it made her little pink collar stand out--and because none of my cats will leave my plants, flowers, etc. alone. Lately she's redirected her efforts from plants to roaches--ugh! I guess there were no lizards available.

Surface: This is painted on a cradled wood panel. The 3/4 inch sides have been stained and varnished and so a frame is optional. As you might have noticed, I have raised my prices on some paintings. I am painting larger on some and the cost of cradled panels, linen surfaces and better quality paints means my costs have gone up. However, I feel they are still a good bargain for someone wanting original works rather than prints.

Signature Issues: I think I may have finally solved my signature woes. Guess it just takes practice!

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