Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ainsley's Braid

12x9" Oil on stretched linen
Subject: This painting was inspired by my granddaughter's beautiful braid. She is always adorable, but never more so than when her hair is pulled into a French braid. 

Technique: I tried a bit of glazing on the skin and felt that it added some luminosity. For non-artists, glazing is a technique often used by the old masters to add richness to the color. Basically, a glaze is a transparent layer of paint placed over a dried layer of paint, which allows the previous color to show through. It is a time-consuming but rewarding technique. 

The painting in its frame

I am excited to announce that I was awarded a Student Merit Award for this painting earlier tonight at the Dunedin Fine Art Center. Here is the framed painting and a photo of me being very happy, even before the awards were given out. Notice my always-in-fashion Croc shoes!

At the Dunedin Fine Art Center

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