Saturday, November 26, 2016

Red Apple Study

5x7" Oil on Gessobord panel (Click to enlarge.)

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My Red Apple Study is an interesting little painting. It started out as a green apple study, but I'm not a fan of green apples so I turned it into a red one and added some apple slices.

I haven't posted anything in quite a while though I have been painting. I wasn't happy with one of the paintings that I worked on and kept trying to make it better. The painting is one of some mailboxes on my street. I will probably try it again when I recover from my disappointment. I've put a picture of the painting at the bottom of this post.

Artful Mail 8x10" Oil on Gessobord panel
For those of you who are not artists or who paint only on canvas and who might be wondering about "Gessobord": It is the brand name of a type of panel used frequently by oil painters. Many of the old masters used wood panels. Panels are fun to paint on and Gessobord panels come with the gesso already on them. I also do my own gesso on some hardboard and wood panels.

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