Friday, October 14, 2016

Anclote Park Sweethearts-1912

12x9 Oil on panel (Click to view larger.)
This is the painting that I entered in the Historical Pasco Contest at the Pasco Fine Arts Center. It was awarded Honorable Mention and I was pleasantly surprised because there was some beautiful art in this competition.

The idea originated from an old black and white historical photograph taken in 1912 close to my home. They looked so young and vulnerable that it really made me want to paint them. I had to guess about the colors, so I did a little research on the colors worn by people of this era who were not wealthy and possibly even domestic workers, farmers, or sponge divers.

This painting is for sale; however, all of the paintings at this show will go on display at St. Leo college after the competition is over. For this reason I will not put it up for sale here until this show is over. It is also framed in a beautiful stained wood frame which you can see below.

Framed view (Click to view larger.)

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