Sunday, September 4, 2016

Red Begonias & Silverdust

8x8" oil on wood panel (Click to view larger.)

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These beautiful flowers came from my deck, the only place I have any real sunlight due to all my trees. I love begonias because they are so easy to care for and they don't mind a little shade--which I have an abundance of because of the large trees in my yard. The greenish white silverdust plant is a gorgeous plant and much easier to paint than the begonias. This beautiful terracotta pot, which is quite old and large, came with my little 1930's house.
Although this is a gessoed panel, Ampersand calls it a primed canvas-texture wood panel. It's a little thicker (3/8") and comes ready to hang--no frame needed unless you really want one. It was perfect for a nature painting, but I think the texture would have been too noticeable for a portrait.

Underpainting: I toned my panel with a wash of burnt umber. After this was dry, I massed in the darker tones and a few of the colors. I've been reading Helen Van Wyk's book, Painting Flowers the Helen Van Wyk Way. Still haven't quite mastered "massing in," but will keep trying to do it. It's a very important step in avoiding the "detailitis" problem that I spoke about in my last post. If you have never heard of Helen and want to paint, Google her and you'll be amazed. Her Welcome to My Studio was the longest running PBS show about painting ever! My husband loves to imitate her accent which is quite humorous (his imitation, not her)!

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