Thursday, August 18, 2016

Antique Copper Kettle

6x6" oil on Gessobord panel (Click to view larger.)

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Painting copper: This was fun to paint. I learned that it really only takes a little burnt sienna to bring out the coppery tones. Of course, there are other colors but this seems to be the key hue. I love the shape of this kettle. I have a stainless steel one that is almost the same shape. I wanted copper, but it won't work on my cooktop.

Signature: Still struggling with the signature blues, but I managed to sign my entire first name, which is harder than it looks. Writing with a paint brush in oil paint is extremely difficult; entire articles (maybe books--ha, ha) have been written about it. I have an unusual first name so I would rather use this than my initials. I'm going to try this from now on and see how it works. I can print capitals more easily than lower case letters but it looks bad, so I'm mixing them.