Friday, June 17, 2016

Three Peaches

6x6" Oil on Gessobord panel (Click to view larger.)

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In this painting I hoped to capture the softness and subtle gradations in color of a plate of peaches. Though daily painters often try to paint in one day, I was interrupted during this endeavor and had to return to it several days later. That was a good thing because the painting still needed more work to bring out the color and highlights. I also found a nifty tool at Keeton's in Bradenton. It's called a grainer. This brush creates a broken line and I used it for the stripe on the towel. However, I wish I'd also bought the smaller size because I had to turn it on its side because the stripe was too large.

Value study or underpainting for Three Peaches

Value Study: I did a value study for this painting after reading about this in Carol Marine's book. I find that by doing an underpainting for most of my paintings, I've already been doing this. It is a big help to establish the lights and darks before adding color. As usual, I used burnt umber and mineral spirits.

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  1. Really amazing! I can almost feel the fuzz ...need to go to the market!