Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vegetable Challenge

 6x6" oil on gesso board panel (Click to enlarge)

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This painting was created for the Daily Paintworks "Vegetable Challenge." This was challenging indeed! My criminal cat Binkie decided that the parsley looked interesting. She tried to eat it and when that was not to her satisfaction, she pulled it completely out of my still life shadow box setup. Has anyone else had this "problem"? As it was thoroughly entertaining, I hesitate to call it a problem.

The items: As the daily painter Carol Marine says sometimes still life arrangements made of food get wilted looking. My parsley just looked pretty beat up by the time Binkie finished with it. Fortunately, I had more.  As you can see from the second picture, I changed my arrangement to include a marble cheeseboard instead of the red plate.
Binkie enjoying the vegetable challenge!

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