Thursday, May 26, 2016

Shades of Green & Lavender

6x6" oil on gesso board panel (click to enlarge)
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The most difficult thing in painting this was deciding what to paint. I encountered what's known as a "block" and simply couldn't paint. Fortunately, once I start I usually get over the block and that's what happened.

Picture 2
Setup: As Picture 2 shows, I was using both a photo and a shadow box. I find that I can see more colors if I do it this way. Also, I'm using my new panel holder designed by Carol Marine's husband so that painting to the edge on a small panel is easier. K. Rike Gallery makes them. They are not too expensive and really work!

Picture 3

Underpainting: Picture 3 is my partial underpainting. At this stage I really felt I might have to throw this one away. However, after getting some of the vase painted, I began to feel better about it.
Picture 4: Jimbo in shadow box setup

Feline Assistance: Of course, cats have to get in on the act as Picture 4 shows. The rather large cat is Jimbo, a very good natured cat who has recently lost weight (after being put on a diet by his vet). He is feeling very frisky these days and jumps around a great deal more. I was a little surprised to see him in the shadow box because it's quite a leap from a nearby stool to the inside of the box.


  1. I really like this, the shadows are beautiful. But...Jimbo...well he has inspired me! He looks wonderful, can hardly believe it is the same cat. I need to get on his diet!

  2. Thank you, Sandy. He still loves to eat but he's doing great.

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  3. Vana I love it