Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rookwood Pottery with Roses

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The vase in this painting is signed on the bottom with the distinctive mark of the Rookwood pottery company. I inherited it from my mother who inherited it from her mother. The color is a bit more muted on the actual vase but I took some artistic license with it. The roses are three different varieties of knock-outs from my garden. I don't have much of a green thumb but I love roses and gardenias and while I have killed many a bush, a few have survived despite my lack of talent for growing things.

The "art" of painting roses: This is my third attempt at painting roses and it is fascinating and difficult. They are such intricate flowers that it will probably take me a lifetime to master the technique.

FYI: Cats love to behead flowers and so I rarely can keep cut flowers in the house. Usually I find a pile of petals on the floor or table and no sign of the criminals. Fortunately, roses are one of the few flowers safe for cats to eat.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spice It Up

6x6 Oil on panel

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This is my first blog entry using my new iPad Pro. Keyboard hasn't arrived yet and I touch type, so it's a bit slower going right now.

My husband saved this Old Bay can and was ready to take it out to his domain (otherwise known as the garage) when I spied it and immediately thought "painting." I love old stuff and especially old kitchen stuff.

This was both fun and challenging . Lettering is VERY difficult. I used only suggested letters on the smallest areas. Stripes are also fun--Not!