Monday, February 29, 2016

Still Life with Cobalt Creamer & Lemons

6x6 Oil on panel
Still Life with Cobalt Creamer & Lemons-  SOLD

This painting was about getting the right color blue for this vintage art deco creamer. I love 1940's and 50's dishes! My sister gifted this to me after I kept admiring it in her house. This was my first attempt to paint a pattern on china and it was very satisfying--and not as hard as I'd imagined. Of course, it wasn't a complicated pattern, but one must start somewhere.

My new shadowbox: This was my first painting using my new shadowbox that my husband made using a pattern from Carol Marine's book. I tried working from a photograph of this arrangement, but could not see the highlights on the glass as well as painting it from life. The shadowbox is quite large so keeping my cats out of it has been a battle. Fortunately, I won this first round.


  1. This is really good work. Those lemons are beautiful..they look so real and juicy!

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  2. Oh thank you so much! Lemons are so much fun to paint and this was my first time painting lemon slices instead of whole lemons.