Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Red Onion Delight

Red Onion Delight (6x6" oil on panel)
Red Onion Delight-  SOLD

Painting this onion was fun! I started this painting with an underpainting of burnt umber and mineral spirits and everything was much easier after this.

My own panels: On my previous small daily paintings I used Ampersand Gessobords. These are wonderful panels and I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to spend a little time making your own. Though I had never done it before, I decided I could make my own with the help of my handy husband--who knows how to work with power tools. So he cut a bunch of 6x6 inch panels from tempered masonite board (purchased from my favorite Home Depot), and I sanded and applied gesso (3 coats) to each small panel. First, I lightly sanded each panel with 150 grit; after this I applied the first coat of gesso. Then I sanded again between each coat with 400 grit sandpaper. Make sure you do it lightly. If you need more help, try this You tube video by Pauly Tamez. I watched many but this was one of the easiest to follow.

Signing my name: This is difficult for me. Sometimes it looks like I've forged my own signature--but badly! So on some of these small panels I've opted for my initials. It gets the job done and is much less frustrating.

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