Saturday, February 27, 2016

McCoy Vase with Lemons

9x12" Oil on canvas
McCoy Vase with Lemons- Click here to bid.

This is a 9x12 inch painting on gallery wrapped canvas from my earlier paintings. The vase was bought at a bargain price from an antique/consignment shop. I love this old vase and have it sitting on a beautiful rustic shelf that my  husband made. This painting has one coat of Gamvar varnish and is unframed. Finally decided to sell it to make room for more paintings.

Signing issues: On my smaller paintings I usually sign my initials simply because there is so little room. Though this is a little larger painting, I decided to sign my initials since signing is so difficult. I may master the art of painting in about 20 years or so, but I will probably still have difficulty signing my name with a brush. There's good news though, I finally decided on what style of signature to use: print is easier than cursive.

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