Monday, June 10, 2019

Ainsley Almost Eleven

10x8" oil on linen panel
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Subject: I started this small portrait because I wanted to do some studies of Ainsley before painting a larger one. I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. Though I worked from photos, I know her skin and hair well and kept that in mind as I worked on it. I took this photo when we sat down to have some refreshments at a Starbucks. To me, Ainsley is especially beautiful when her hair is braided or in a cute "messy" bun (as in this painting).

Surface Things: Because I considered this a study, I didn't do it on my usual smooth portrait-quality linen panel. However, this slightly rougher linen ended up giving the painting a beautiful texture. I may do some more portraits on this type panel.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Sunflowers in a Vintage Pitcher

16x20" oil on linen panel
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I painted this from real sunflowers and an old pitcher that I found in an antique shop (my favorite type store!). Even though this is a fairly good size pitcher, I had to cut the flowers down so much. Sunflowers are huge! I decided to keep this but have no room in my home, so my brother is going to hang it in his.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Roses and Delphinium

16x12" Oil on linen panel
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I'm finding that painting from life is definitely the best way to paint. I purchased these beautiful peachy roses and blue delphiniums from a local florist. It is definitely not the most economical way to paint but I am not a gardener. I am also not a cook (though that's a story for another day!). Being a flower gardener means being vigilant, especially with roses. I grow things best that require total neglect. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Old Florida Stilt House

8x10" oil on linen panel
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I painted this old Florida stilt house from a photo taken by my husband one morning while he was fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. It was a misty morning with barely a horizon.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Sophie's View from the Porch

12x9" Oil on linen panel
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Subject: Sophie, the subject of this painting, is a stray cat who came into our lives in 2017. She has exceeded all our expectations by giving us more love and entertainment than we could imagine when she first showed up, hungry and sick, to our yard. She finally won us over when she parked herself outside our French door on the coldest night of the year. My husband Rick quickly rigged up a box for a bed and put it beside her. In a few minutes she had climbed inside it and we knew we had to take care of this friendly cat. Many trips to the vet followed and she was finally cured of her various illnesses. Thankfully, she had none that were incurable. Funny note: When Sophie is hungry she takes to throwing items off the counters. She starts with cat bowls and progresses to whatever else is handy. She's very creative--must be her time out in the wild!

Method: For this painting, I tried to follow Richard Schmid's advice to make the focal point the most detailed and in-focus part of the painting. This to me meant Sophie herself. I can never be a great painter like Schmid but I am learning from his advice in his famous book Alla Prima II (which is the revised version of his Alla Prima). Any realistic/ impressionist artist who doesn't own this book should immediately buy it. You won't regret it--and I'm not paid by Schmid to say this!

Final comment: I was accepted into Oil Painters of America recently and this painting was one of two that I submitted. In addition, Sophie helped me win 2nd Place at the Pasco Fine Art Member's Show last night. She's coming up in the world: last month she helped me win a 3rd Place with another painting of her.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Wine Bottles and Copper

12x16" oil on linen panel
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I love Chianti bottles but not Chianti wine. I just double-checked my spelling and ran across the term for the special Chianti bottle called a fiaschi that is usually encased in a straw basket--which incidentally keeps the rounded bottle from falling over. This painting contains another of my favorite items, a kettle--especially ones made of copper. This kettle does not have a top--or maybe it used to have one but I don't know since I borrowed these items. Now I have my own Chianti bottle but I have to find someone to drink the wine since we don't like it. Any takers?

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sophie and Her Blue Mouse

14x11 inch oil on linen panel
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Another portrait of my beautiful Sophie! Though she is cross-eyed, she asked me not to paint her that way. I think she is adorable that way so my next painting of her is going to be a less dignified one. She loves her blue mouse and this one is a lot cleaner that the real one. In fact, hers is barely recognizable as a mouse!

Here's a photo of it framed. This painting is not for sale at this time but may be later in the year. I plan on putting it in a show in February 2019.